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Thinking about running for a Board position? Here's what you need to know.

Requirements (per the Bylaws)

  • Member of Stanislaus Humanists
  • Be present at all BOD meetings
  • Serve a three (3) year term, unless appointed to fill a vacant seat
  • Notify the Chair or Secretary of a planned absence
  • Serve on the Nominating Committee the year following your election

A full copy of the Bylaws are available here.

Time Commitment

The quarterly meeting is usually 90 minutes long, and we have conference calls (or video meetings) on the months between BOD meetings to check in, update on the status of To Do list items, or discuss urgent business. These calls vary in length.

You are welcome to become as involved as you desire by starting a new event, serving on an ad hoc committee, becoming a member of the executive committee, or just about anything else that is in line with the Bylaws and Humanist Principles.

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